Chipotle Presents RAD Lands In School

Chipotle Presents RAD Lands In School

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The RAD Lands cultivators

About the Program

As committed cultivators of responsibly raised meat and locally sourced ingredients, Chipotle partnered with the team behind Yo Gabba Gabba to educate and entertain kids about where their food comes from and how it is prepared. To bring these important topics into the classroom, Chipotle joined forces with Discovery Education to provide educators with complimentary classroom resources that are aligned to US Science and Health standards -- engaging students in the interconnections between care for our environment, understanding where our food comes from, and the importance of choosing fresh, real food as a primary part of our diets.

Educators and Parents: Full episodes available on iTunes

RAD Lands! Respect. Appreciate. Defend. From the Creator of Yo Gabba Gabba! comes a fun limited series for at-home viewing that explores and celebrates the world of food.

Available on iTunes

Family Activities

Available now: Meet the characters, explore the episodes, and find fun and engaging follow up activities to try at school or at home! Coming later this Spring: RAD Lands episodes will be paired with lesson plans and activities to teach students key health and science content, including the benefits of eating fresh food, the importance of caring for our environment, and how to create healthy and tasty snacks.

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Chipotle Presents RAD Lands In School


Launch Event

March 21, 2017

Chipotle and Discovery Education celebrated the launch of RAD Lands at an after school event held at Robert Simon Elementary School in Manhattan, NY featuring celebrity chefs Ann Cooper and Richard Blais, interactive cooking demos, and hand-on education stations.

Virtual Field Trip

Coming Soon

Discovery Education will host an original, nation-wide virtual field trip this Fall for students and teachers --- combining food literacy experts with the fun of RAD Lands for a high-energy, real-time journey of learning!